Arcade Mod V2 for MCPE 0.12.3

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Author: DrLazuli
Compatible with MCPE: 0.12.3

List of all the games

  • Pac-Man: Eat all the pac dots while avoiding the ghosts to win this game.
  • Pong: Use the left and right arrow keys to move your bar around and bounce the ball past your opponent who now has IMPROVED AI!!!
  • Super Snake: Guide the snake to the melon blocks to eat them and increase your score! Be careful… the more you eat… the longer it’s tail gets and you don’t want to run into that.
  • Galacta: Use the left and right arrow keys to move and the up arrow key to shoot. Destroy all the alien ships before they retreat to get a higher score! Some have to be hit several times to be destroyed! Avoid the retreating ships.
  • Aerial Attack: Watch out for the missiles and get ready for RAGE.
  • Runner: Use the up arrow key to jump and down to duck! Watch out for the obstacles!
  • Frogger: Press up to hop forward! Cross the busy street safely! Be careful! You have to let go of the up key and then press it again to hop again. Holding the key isn’t going to get you anywhere.
  • Mario vs Donkey Kong: Use the left and right arrow keys to walk and up to jump. Watch out for the barrels. Press buttons to clear barriers and create safety paths. Beat all 5 levels for bragging rights.


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For 0.12.3

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