All In One Map for MCPE

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All In One is a map packed with 50 attractions of various kinds ranging from multiplayer minigames to challenging parkour courses. It’s the perfect map to play together with friends as it offers an endless amount of games to experience either by yourself or with a group of friends. There is no strict path you must follow instead you can just pick and choose which thing you want to start with.


Play eight holes of miniature golf. It’s really simple. Just drop the ball on the mini golf course to hit the ball. If you miss the hole, then go and pick up the ball and throw it again.


There are lots of different parkour courses. Play them by yourself or compete against friends.


Get some carrots from the chest and then use it to lead the pig to a pressure plate which will send a redstone signal and cause the door to open.


This minigame is probably supposed to be something similar to the popular Wipeout minigame which is based on a TV show with the same name.


King of the ladder is supposed to be played by up to four players (and minimum two). Count down from 10 and then climb up the ladder and try to get to the top first.


Soccer in Minecraft isn’t like ordinary soccer. Take a tool from the chest (depending on the difficulty level you want to play on) and then use the tool to try to push another player into a goal.


Put on your wetsuit and get ready for a short but fun boat race. This is recommended for up to three players.


There are lots more attractions than the ones mentioned here. But hopefully it will give you an idea of what to expect in the actual map.

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