Alchemical Eggs Addon for MCPE

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This is an add-on which lets you learn the powers of alchemy by going through a ritual of sacrifice and absorption. Once you’ve become an alchemist you will gain a few new abilities but also be able to learn the magic possibility of absorbing mobs into their infancy as eggs. It really takes add-ons to an entire new step of complexity!

How to become an alchemist?

To become an alchemist you must first go through a ritual. For this you will need a golden chestplate and an enchanted apple. You’ll also need to find an endermite or a silverfish.

Equip the golden chestplate and hold the enchanted apple. Then set loose the endermite or the silverfish and let it attack you. This process will allow the golden chestplate to absorb the magic of the enchanted apple and eventually you’ll get a full golden armor set (excluding the helmet).

As an alchemist you have a couple of new abilities:

  • Inflict 3 attack damage (before=1)
  • Breath underwater for 30 seconds (before=20)
  • Absorb mobs to an egg

Before you can absorb a mob to a spawn egg you will need to learn about the sun and moon energies. Some mobs require sun energy to be absorbed and others require moon energy.

  • Sun Mobs (Nighttime): Bat, Chicken, Ocelot, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Squid, Wolf
  • Moon Mobs (Daytime): Cave Spider, Enderman, Silverfish, Skeleton Horse, Skeleton, Spider, Stray, Zombie, Husk

Make sure to wear the golden chestplate and have an egg equipped in your hand when interacting with the mob.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the mob and press Absorb
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the mob

As soon as you do that an explosion will occur and you’ll receive a mob spawn egg in your inventory.

You can then use the spawn egg to spawn the mob anywhere you like.

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