Agent Pig Addon for MCPE

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The Agent Pig is a great addon if you are looking for something to help you with killing the monsters in Minecraft. Basically it turns the pig into a pig version of James Bond. It got a great combination of speed and strength which allows it to take down most threats in the Overworld.

How does it work?

The pig spawns naturally just like before the difference is that it’s much more powerful and wears a black suit and a red necktie. It will by default attack any mob which is hostile.

  • Health: 52.5 hearts
  • Melee attack: super sprint, 20 attack damage per hit
  • Long range attack: shoots small fire charges

You can’t tame the pig but you can keep it on a leash to bring it with you on your adventures. If you get in any trouble just release it from the leash to let it attack.