AgameR MoreOptions PE Mod for MCPE 0.13.0/0.12.3

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This mod adds over 25 hacks, options and other features into MCPE, such as sneaking, fly in survival, coordinates, commands, a Player Customizer and more.
There will be lots of improvements and bug fixes in the future ๐Ÿ˜‰

AgameR MoreOptions PE Mod is currently customizable with 3 themes. You can find many other mod options too, so you can fully customize the mod menu.

โ€“ Walk through blocks (v1.0 Beta 1+)
โ€“ Fly
โ€“ Set entities on fire
โ€“ Gamespeed x2 (or custom)
โ€“ Tapspammer
โ€“ Show coords
โ€“ Better grass
โ€“ Sneaking
โ€“ Tapteleporter
โ€“ StackDrop
โ€“ Saddle Up
โ€“ InstaMine
โ€“ X-Ray (v1.0.0-pre+)
โ€“ InstaHeal (v1.0.0-pre2+)
โ€“ InstaKill (v1.0.0-pre2+)
โ€“ SignEditor (WIP, not available atm)
โ€“ All items eatable (v1.0.0-pre2+)
โ€“ Sprinting (v1.0.0-pre2+)
โ€“ JetPack (v1.0.0-pre2+)
โ€“ HighJump (v1.0.0-pre2+)
โ€“ Drone (v1.0.0+)
โ€“ Parachute (v1.0.0+)
โ€“ TapNuker (v1.1.0+)
โ€“ Twerk (v1.0.0+)
โ€“ Derp(v1.0.0+)
โ€“ Morphing (v1.0.0-pre2+)
โ€“ OptiFine (Better Grass, Better Glass and zooming)
โ€“ Cheats (Health, Time, Gamemode, Add item to inv., Effects, Teleport)
โ€“ Commands
โ€“ Player Customizer (trails, morphing, skin viewer)
โ€“ Health Indicators
โ€“ A list that displays the enabled hacks
โ€“ A panic button for disabling all hacks at once

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For 0.12.3

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Download Links:

For 0.13.x

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