Advanced Calculator Map for MCPE 0.14.0

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ThiAdvanced Calculator Map is by no doubt one of the most complex calculators ever created in Minecraft Pocket Edition. It can perform all of the most basic operations such as division, multiplication, subtraction and addition.
It’s amazing how big the calculator is and probably quite difficult to get an idea how it actually works, unless you are a redstone genius of course.


How does it work?

The calculator can perform the following calculations:

  • Division
  • Multiplication
  • Subtraction
  • Addition
  • Doesn’t support decimals
  • Doesn’t support negative calculations

Let’s give it a try.

To properly use the calculator begin by selecting the first number. In this case we selected 8.


Then turn to the left and select one of the operations. In this case we selected division.


Then turn back to the keypad and select the last number. We selected 2.

Then turn to the number display. It might take some time to load but just be patience and it will soon display the correct number. As in our case, it gave us 04 which is correct!


To restart the process use the Reset button and then do another calculation.


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