7Waves Map for MCPE

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This is a survival challenge in which the you have to survive 7 waves of monsters. It’s up to you whether to play the map to yourself or with other players (max 5 players). If you are looking for a map to test your fight and teamworking skills then this is a great option. The arena is fairly small and this will most likely create some intense moments.

How to play?

The map takes place in a small arena where you have to fight waves of monsters to survive (and to ultimately complete the map). To start a level simply press on the stone button on top of the quartz block.


  • 1: Zombies
  • 2: Skeletons
  • 3: Blazes
  • 4: Silverfish
  • 5: Wither Skeletons
  • 6: Witches
  • 7: Endermen

Make sure to take advantage by the iron golems. You can spawn them by pressing the stone button on the wall. It got 5 uses so use with care and only when really necessary.


  • Max 5 players
  • Only kill monsters
  • Don’t play on creative mode
  • Set difficulty to max

Download Links:

For 0.16.0
Author: LORD_CR4FT3R Author twitter:
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