5 Useful Observer Creations Map for MCPE

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Are you looking to learn more about the new observer block and the various ways it can be used in-game? If that’s the case then this map suitable for you as it features five useful creations where an observer block is the best option for most efficiency. None of the creations are new but the way they are built are probably kind of new as the observer block is only available in Pocket Edition.

Stand on the pressure plates to activate the infinite water well.


Here’s an automatic farm created by the use of observer blocks, pistons, hoppers and some other redstone items.


Another farm which work slightly different than the first farm. You can see a good overview of the entire creation in-game.


This infinite cobblestone farm must be the most useful creation of them all. As soon as the cobblestone block is destroyed another is pushed forward by a piston.


Here’s an overview of all the creations. Each creation exists as two versions. One which acts as the tutorial and another as an example of how you can make use for it in a house.


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