5 Cool Auto Smelters Map for MCPE

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The following map is a showcase of five automatic smelters. Even though all of them are used for smelting they have been designed quite differently and each of them have a different efficiency level. It’s a great showcase with an extremely detailed blueprint of each machine which makes it easy for you to implement them in your own worlds.

The map features five different creations and on the opposite side of each creation you can find an exact copy of the same creation but built inside a house.


Compact Auto Smelter: The first cooker is the most basic one. Put some raw meat and coal in the chests and to start cooking.

100% Control: This smelter is a little bit more advanced. Place the raw meat in the top chest and then the fuel (e.g. coal) in the chest in the middle. Then use the levers to turn on each part of the machine.


Simple Auto Smelter: As soon any of the items are placed in a chest they will be moved to the furnace using hoppers. This is one of the most effecient ways to smelt things.


Item Detector: Toggle the lever to open the iron trapdoor. Then put fuel and raw materials in the chest and have it automaticalled sorted and smelted.


Super Smelter: This one is one of the fastest smelters. It has the capacity to use five different furnaces at the same time.


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