5 Complex Redstone Creations Map for MCPE

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For 1.0.2
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This is a map which includes five complex redstone structures. All of them can definitely be useful in most worlds. It really provides a great showcase for anyone who is interested to learn more about redstone or just want some inspiration.

Industrial Elevator: This is one of the best elevators I have tested as of yet. It works very similar to an elevator in the real world and it’s also very easy to use. Just enter it and then press a button to go up or down.

Vault Door: It’s important to keep your stuff safe. Build a vault door as the following and no one will be able to get inside! (You might wanna switch out the wool for obsidian though!)

Drawbridge: This is a really useful structure for places you want to restrict to certain players only. The drawbridge can be enabled/disabled on both platforms.

10000 Combination Password: This is a very secure vault system which will keep your valuable chests safe. To access through the door you need to do a whole variety of tasks. I couldn’t even get it to work, that’s how complex it is!

There is one more creation in this map but that one I will let you explore by yourself in-game!