4 Fireworks Map for MCPE

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For 1.0.0
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This map features four different firework structures which can be used as a blueprint or inspiration to build something similar (or maybe even more epic) in your own worlds. It’s time to celebrate the new (and old) year and perhaps this map can help you to do that a bit more epic fashion in Minecraft.

This creation is constructed by dispensers which dispenses experience bottles. They don’t go far up into the sky but it still looks really cool.

Watch out! This one is using fire charges. It’s especially beautiful during the night.

This firework launch platform shoots arrows up into the sky. They are quite difficult to see during the night so make sure to set time to day (/time set day)

And the last launch pad shoots snowballs up into the sky. It’s not as cool as the other fireworks but it’s still worth testing out.

There are four different fireworks in total and they are all built in a flat world. However, the point of this map is to get some idea how to build something similar in your own worlds.