3D Lightsaber Addon for MCPE

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The 3D Lightsaber Addon replaces some of the blocks in-game with four new lightsabers which is a sword-like weapon in Star Wars. All lightsabers have different colors, strengths and effects for the one wielding them. The included colors are red, yellow, blue and red. As a whole, it’s pretty cool but there’s one downside and that is that it looks very strange in third-person. But if you can look past that then you won’t be disappointed.

How does it work?

Skull and head blocks have been replaced by the lightsabers. There’s no other way to obtain them other than looting it from a mob (extremely rare) or obtaining one via the creative inventory.

Each sword has a different attack damage as well as a different speed boost for the player who’s using it.


  • Green Lightsaber
    • Speed: 1.1
    • Attack Damage: 6
  • Yellow Lightsaber
    • Speed: 1.2
    • Attack Damage: 8
  • Blue Lightsaber
    • Speed: 1.3
    • Attack Damage: 10
  • Red Lightsaber
    • Speed: 1.4
    • Attack Damage: 12