20 Clever Redstone Creations Map for MCPE

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This map includes 20 clever redstone machines. Most of them are actually unique and the type of creations which we haven’t posted here on MCPE DL in the past. Some of them include a super fast cooker, a gambling machine and a cauldron lock door. Looking to get inspired? Then this redstone map is a safe bet! Just watch out for the gambling machine. You don’t want to lose all your emeralds!

This is supposedly the fastest cooker ever. Fill the chests with fuel and the type of items which you want to cook in the furnaces. Everything except refilling fuel and items is automated. Take the cooked items from the middle chest.


Gamble away your precious emeralds. If you are lucky you’ll win a diamond.


A simple redstone clock which will go on forever unless a block is broken.


A hidden enchantment room which can only be accessible by dropping a non-stackable item (e.g. an iron sword) on the enchantment table.


Use the arrow to select which lamp to light.


Use a water bottle to add a set amount (2, 3, 1) of water to each cauldron. If the water amount is correct then the door will open.


A much quicker clock than the one displayed before.


These are some of the most interesting machines which I could find in the map. There are more to discover but those you’ll have to check for yourself!

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