15 Piston Creations Map for MCPE

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For 1.0.3
Author: iFlamesGamingMC Author twitter:
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This map features 15 different redstone creations which in some way relate to pistons. All of them are structures which in some way or another can be used to greatly improve your own builds in Minecraft. Most of them are also fairly easy to build so it shouldn’t be too difficult to rebuild them in your own worlds.

Let’s have a look at some of the creations.

Cobblestone Farm: It’s very useful in case you don’t enjoy mining but need cobblestone for building or crafting.

Passcode Door: This is a locked door which requires the correct passcode in order for you to access the area.

Defense Machine: Use the lever to toggle the defense system and enable the arrow shooting mechanism.

Draw Bridge: This creation is useful in case you want to avoid intruders to access your base. Use the button to enable/disable the bridge.

There are plenty more creations but those I will leave for you to explore by yourself.