10 Simple Creations Map for MCPE

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This is a great map which have multiple redstone creations which I have never seen before in Minecraft. Some of them include a hidden furnace cooker, a microwave and a smart cobblestone generator. The best thing is that most of the creations seem fairly easy to build.

Hidden Auto Furnace: Drop some raw food items on the dirt and then some coal on the grass path. Wait for a few seconds and then open the chest to find some freshly cooked food.

Microwave: This one works similar to the creation above. Drop a raw food item in the microwave and then stand on the yellow clay block to receive it cooked when it’s done.

Elevator: This is one of the best elevators I have come across. It’s very easy to use. Just stand on the correct block and then press a button to get to the top.

Multi Cobblestone Generator: This generator lets you generate cobblestones in three separate lines at the same time.

Hidden Room: To access the hidden room drop some signs on the coal block. It’s really good because no one would ever know about it unless they knew about it before.

There are more creations than the ones mentioned which can be discovered in-game. It’s a really good showcase if you are looking for inspiration for your next builds.

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