10 Piston Creations Map for MCPE

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This map features 10 amazing piston creations. Everything from a walking robot to unique and clever bridges. If you are looking for some inspiration for your own worlds then this map is a must-have. Even if you’ve maybe seen some of them before we are almost certain it got something which you haven’t seen before!

Here are some of the redstone creations included in the map. The one seen in the first image down below is probably my favorite, and if you try it out for yourself you will probably see why!


This creation lets you hide and display a crafting table. But you can of course change the crafting table for any other block, e.g. a chest.


Here’s a very clever creation. It uses the new observer block to create a lucky block which spawns a TNT block when destroyed.


Enable a big four-legged robot which can walk and shoot fire charges.


Here’s some type of missile launcher. Pull the lever to enable the launch.


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