10 Awesome Command Block Creations Map for MCPE

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For 1.1.0
Author: Assassiner 003 Author twitter:
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This map features 10 different command blocks creations. Some of the creations work just as decorations, e.g. the animated Steve face or the dance floor, but they are still good enough to make them interesting. Most of them are creations which I’ve previously not seen done for Minecraft Pocket Edition and that’s always a plus.

Here is the animated face. To start it you simply need to press any of the two buttons and it will look as if it is speaking to you.

The dance floor is probably the favorite. It is basically animated and will shift colors (also known as blocks) every second or so.

Most of the remaining ones are creations which are kind of impossible to demonstrate with images so you should probably download the map and try it out for yourself if you want to see them.